Rounds Played thru September 2016

Rounds played are the engine that drives the golf industry. 

Golf Datatech has been supplying the industry with the rounds played data by month since 1999.  Using a sampling methodology and proprietary modeling to project total rounds played, in season we’ve received data from as many as 3,500 courses in any single month, and the data is one of the most quoted metrics re: the health of the industry.

After increasing by 1.8% in 2015, rounds are up once again in 2016, improving by 0.4% year to date thru September.  Rounds are up most significantly in the Northeast (+7.1%) and the Mid Atlantic (+4.6%), primarily driven by improved weather thru the first nine months

Remaining in positive territory will continue to be a challenge for the rest of 2016 as the weather across the northern tier last year was nearly perfect for additional “bonus” play during the heart of football season.

The link below will provide further insights into the rounds played data thru September, 2016.

Click to access -bKd_Vsbip.pdf

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