Golf Apparel Sales for November Lag

While the equipment category enjoyed a good month in November of 2016, Apparel sales thru the On/Off/Online channels didn’t keep pace with prior year, falling by 4%, with the Green Grass down almost 5% and the Off/Online channel level.

Men’s shirts thru the On Course, the largest product category in either channel actually grew by 2%+, however the rest of the products were up and down and all over the lot.  The big losers were Outerwear (down 18%) Men’s tops (down 12%).

YTD sales of apparel are down about 5%, with both channels down similar amounts, with the only category growing being Women’s Tops (+6%).  These slower than expected sales have caused trade inventories to rise across the board in both channels, with the exception of outerwear which adjusted appropriately and contracted for slower sales.

For more infomation on sales of Golf Apparel please contact Golf Datatech.

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