The Business of Game Improvement: All You Need to Know

Golf is hard.  To be proficient requires a great deal of time, effort, blood, sweat and tears. And even then, the vast majority of golfers will never reach their full potential.  But everyone can hope tomorrow’s round will be better than today’s, that their most recent lesson will produce great results, that the latest training aid will groove a better swing, and that today is the day they finally shoot the best round of their life.  In golf, hope springs eternal.

And no category in golf has changed more in the past 20 years than the golf training aid and teaching business.  Not that long ago when a golfer needed help with their golf game they either went to see a golf professional for a lesson, or they read a book and tried to emulate Hogan’s Five Lessons or play golf Jack’s Way.

With the advent of the VCR and easy to use cameras and self made videos, golfers started to “see” swing tips as well as taping their own swings with the promise of being able to compare them to their favorite tour pro, or to be instructed by a PGA Professional teacher on the finer points of an improved swing.  In reality it was only 30 years ago when seeing your own swing on video was a brand new development.  Prior to that the best most people could do was to look into a full length mirror and attempt to see their swing…while swinging.  Home video and VHS players were at the forefront of the revolution that completely changed teaching the swing and the game.

In the years since VHS players went the way of the dinosaur, and in a world where books are more often used for decorative purposes than to read, personal computers, smartphones, launch monitors, apps, shot trackers, digital analysis, and a wide range of golf training devices have hit the market in an attempt to improve the golfers game, and score.  Some have been wildly successful, such as the Medicus or the Orange Whip, but more often than not most have had lifespans that parallel that of a mosquito.

Golf Datatech just released a new consumer study investigating attitudes and opinions about the various segments of the Business of Golf Instruction, breaking the business down into multiple pieces, including:

*Teaching/PGA Golf Professional Lessons

*Golf Schools

*Practice Patterns of the Serious Golfer

*Physical Wellness & Fitness

*Web Based Golf Instruction

*Online Instructional Videos

*Traditional Teaching/Training Aids

*Digital Swing Analyzers

*Portable Launch Monitors

*Golf Simulators

*Wearable Golf Technology

Find out for yourself what golfers think about these technologies, do they use them, do they like them, will they continue to use them?  Where do the opportunities lie if you’re in the business of golf instruction?

For more information or to buy this report, please email for more information.




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